2021 Desk Calendar - Dog Trivia

2021 Desk Calendar - Dog Trivia

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Packed with fun facts, breed profiles, jokes, owner tips, and more, A Year of Dog Trivia feeds the dog lover’s obsession all year long.

How well do you know man’s best friend? True or False: Most dogs spend about 80 percent of the day in a deep sleep.* Know Your Breeds: The energetic Siberian Husky was developed to be a sled dog. Plus care Q&As, why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to baby-talk to your dog (they respond more positively to high-pitched voices), and a study that will surprise no dog person:  About 70 percent of participants surveyed enjoyed gazing into their dog’s eyes—and 50 percent cuddled their dog more than their partner!

Printed on FSC-certified paper and introducing a new eco-friendly cardboard backer.
*False. Dogs usually spend 50 percent of the day asleep, 30 percent hanging out, and 20 percent fully awake and alert.