Smoked Wood & Amber - Travel tin by Votivo

Smoked Wood & Amber - Travel tin by Votivo

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Smoked Wood & Amber Travel tin Votivo Candle

Burning with fiery allure, Smoked Wood & Amber surges with nuances of comfy tea brightened with pressed bergamot and jasmine. Looming embers of spicy clove, sultry oud and balmy, sweet Tonka bean meld into intoxicating clouds of heady smoke. The end result is an olfactory encounter that is nothing short of sizzling.

Soothe away your cares with an Aromatic Votivo Candle, where every fragrance is inspired by essences of nature. Each candle is hand-wrapped and each seal is hand-pressed making each product special.

Size: 3 oz | Burn Time: 20-25 Hours